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Assisting Hands Home Care: Exceptional Personal Care in Columbia for Seniors

At Assisting Hands Home Care Columbia, we take pride in providing professional personal care services to seniors and elderly individuals seeking to maintain their independence and dignity. Our caregivers are expertly trained and dedicated to delivering personalized care tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Personal Hygiene

We understand how important it is for seniors to maintain their hygiene and cleanliness. Our caregivers provide discreet support with bathing, grooming, hair washing, shaving, and oral care. We help our clients regain their sense of cleanliness and self-esteem.

Dressing and Styling

Our caregivers can assist seniors with dressing and selecting appropriate attire. We ensure our clients are dressed comfortably and confidently, which can boost their sense of identity.

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Incontinence Care and Toileting

We provide respectful support with toileting and incontinence. Our caregivers help seniors enjoy privacy and comfort while maintaining their dignity and hygiene.

Mobility and Safety

We know how crucial it is for seniors to maintain mobility and safety. Our caregivers offer mobility assistance, including help with transferring from bed to a wheelchair, walking, and using mobility aids.


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Medication Reminders

Our caregivers are experienced in assisting seniors with medication reminders. We make sure prescribed medications are taken at the right times and correct dosages. We also help seniors organize their medications and communicate with healthcare professionals when needed.

Feeding and Nutrition

Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial to seniors’ overall health and wellbeing. Our caregivers can provide support with meal preparation, feeding, and monitoring dietary needs and restrictions. We make sure every client’s nutritional needs are met.

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