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Nurturing Seniors & Their Families with Supportive In-Home Respite Care

As our senior loved ones age, the level of care and attention needed often increases, which can be time-consuming and challenging for family caregivers. At Assisting Hands Home Care Columbia, we understand the dedication and selflessness required of primary caregivers. We offer in-home respite care to provide temporary relief and ensure your loved one gets the care and attention he or she deserves. Our services offer a chance for caregivers to rest and recharge while maintaining their loved ones’ overall wellbeing.

Benefits of Respite Care for Seniors

Continuous Care

Gentle and professional care provided in familiar surroundings helps seniors relax in their homes during caregivers’ absence.

Tailored Support

Our one-on-one care includes tailored support with daily activities, mobility, and medication reminders, ensuring seniors receive personalized attention and high-quality care.

Social Engagement

Seniors benefit from engaging in stimulating conversations, recreational activities, and hobbies. This combats social isolation, enhances cognitive skills, and promotes emotional wellbeing.

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For Families

Personal Rejuvenation

Primary caregivers can take a break, pursue personal interests and self-improvement activities, and prevent burnout, enhancing the care they provide in the long run.

Peace of Mind

Respite care professionals with vast experience and compassionate personalities can ensure your loved one is in capable hands, allowing you to attend to other responsibilities, relax, and rejuvenate.

Strengthened Relationships

Maintaining social connections and seeking support outside of caregiving helps family caregivers foster stronger bonds and overall wellbeing.


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